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And all the roads we have to walk along are winding

And all the lights that lead us there are blinding

14 December
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Hello there. This is my photo/poetry journal. Since a lot of my poetry is very personal, it's friends only, sorry. Read the rules below and comment, and I'll probably add you. However, I have the right to not add you without giving a reason. Some of my poetry is pretty controversal. So if you're uncomfortable with certain topics, such as suicide, depression, hate, and politics, this is not something you'd want to read. Please note that not all my poetry is like this, but some is. If you're looking for my personal journal, it is failingxretina

1. Comment on my entries. You don't have to comment on every single one. Just every once in awhile so I know you didn't just add me to make your friends list longer.
2. Constructive criticism only.
3. Keep an openmind.
4. No stealing. Part of the reason this journal is friends-only is because I have a paranoia of people stealing my work [even if it's not great in the first place]. When I add you to my friends list I'm putting my trust in you.
5. Add me back.

...not hard, eh? Didn't think so.